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Meet Stevie Lee

Own it Chair Dance experience was created by Stevie Lee (the alter ego of Stephani Uribe). After struggling with self confidence, self love and body image issues, as well as witnessing other women go through the same struggle, Stephani knew she needed to change. She taught her first chair dance class in 2015 as a "ladies night out event" for a small group of moms. After that first class Stephani knew this was something special. She saw a light turn back on for the women in her class. They felt sexy, more confident and had so much fun moving their bodies that they didn't even realize what an incredible workout they just completed. 

Stephani started teaching these classes a couple times a year and the classes continued to grow and sell out. In 2019, Stephani dove deep into self love work and decided it was time to not only take herself to the next level but to bring her students with her on the journey. This is when Stevie Lee was invented. 

Stevie Lee is the most confident, radical self loving, empowered and inspired version of Stephani. She's completely in love with her body, believes in herself, and radiates a light that leads other women to feel the same way.  Stevie Lee lives by the statement, "Sexy is your superpower. Own it"

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Every woman deserves to meet her alter ego. It is in the alter ego where untapped confidence lives to yield benefits of well-being, fitness and overall self-love and acceptance.

Stephani Uribe

A.K.A (Stevie Lee)
Founder, OWN IT

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